Health and Safety Audits

Why do we need a Health and Safety Audit?

Each business are legally responsible for protecting your employees and ensuring Health and Safety risks are minimized and controlled.
Health & Safety Audits determine whether there are adequate and effective control measures in place within the business to ensure that:
  • the business has a clear understanding of, and follows the Health & Safety policy, and also promotes a positive safety and health culture
  • the business has introduced planning processes, which identify objectives and set Health & Safety performance standards
  • the business has identified and provided resources required for implementing, maintaining and improving Health & Safety
  • the performance standards in place are actively monitored and lessons learned are used to improve Health & Safety standards within the business
  • the performance standards are understood and followed by all staff within the business

How ShopSafe® can help you with your Health and Safety Audits

Our Health and Safety Advisers carry out independent, comprehensive and consistent Health and Safety audits covering a number of areas (offices, factories, sites, workshops, restaurants) and our Monitoring Reports address key health, safety and welfare issues, including:
  • Health & Safety documentation
  • Work equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Training
  • Working environment
  • First Aid
  • Environmental issues
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