Business Site Inspections

ShopSafe® can provide business site inspections as a method of proactively monitoring Health and Safety Compliance.

How our site inspections will help you

We will help you monitor Health and Safety performance by:
  • Ensuring work activities are undertaken in accordance with Health and Safety legislation
  • Identifying potential or future issues for consideration
  • Liaising with third parties (i.e. the client or principal contractor) as required
  • ShopSafe®'s  site inspection includes: documentation, emergency procedures, environmental issues, housekeeping, First Aid, PPE, welfare, working environment, training, work equipment, and more.

Why do I need site inspections?

Monitoring and reporting of Health and Safety Compliance are vital components of the business Health and Safety Management System.
Whether your business operates works as a Principal or a Contractor, ShopSafe® can provide independent unbiased inspections of the works being undertaken by your workforce and report the findings to management.

Business owners / management are tasked with complying with the latest Health and Safety Legislation and maintaining high levels of Health and Safety performance on their business premises.
ShopSafe® can help your business managers with their Health and Safety responsibilities.

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