Accident Investigation

ShopSafe® can provide both reactive accident investigation and proactive monitoring. It's an essential component of an effective Health and Safety Management Plan for business.

When do I need accident investigation?

Regrettably accidents do occur. Reactive accident investigation determines the cause of an accident and discriminates between immediate and underlying causes, thus enabling measures to be implemented to prevent reoccurrence.

ShopSafe® can assist and help you by:
  • Carrying out an impartial and thorough accident investigation
  • Interviewing the injured persons and witnesses
  • Liaising with all relevant parties
  • Collating all accident information and reviewing post-accident company systems and providing recommendations.
  • Accident / incident investigation will also:
  • Prevent similar events occurring again
  • Prevent business losses due to disruption immediately after the event, loss of business through a lowering or reputation or inability to deliver, and the costs of potential legal actions
  • Improve employee / contractor / supplier morale and the general attitude to health and safety
  • Improve management skills to improve health and safety performance throughout the organisation

How would proactive monitoring help my business?

Proactive monitoring enables identification of potentially dangerous situations with a view to putting them right before an accident occurs, either at your business premises, construction site, etc.

ShopSafe®’s safety inspections can help you by:
  • Identifying common problems and weakness
  • Identifying hazardous working environments, working procedures, equipment, etc.
  • Ensuring training needs are met
  • Ensuring previously reported issues are rectified
  • Ensuring risk assessments are kept up to date
  • Keeping your employees safe
  • Developing a positive health and safety culture
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