About Us

Our mission is to help businesses be the very best at caring for their most valued components
  • Their customers and clients
  • Their employees 
  • Their support staff and contractors
  • Their owners

By implementing our ShopSafe®   Health and Safety Management Systems, you are choosing to eliminate and tightly manage.
  • Serious harm / injuries to your most valued assets
  • The likelihood of any business disruptions and expensive costs 
  • The potential Penalties and / or Fines plus reparation costs to the injured parties imposed from WorkSafe NZ

thinking a near miss or a serious injury will or has never happened to you or at your business……." are vulnerable thoughts to think along …

Our ShopSafe®   Health and Safety Management Systems has “ very successfully passed the rigorous Structure and Systems test for a few businesses that have unfortunately had incidences, and have been investigated by WorkSafe NZ ” in recent months….

From the 4th April 2016, “the clock is officially ticking with The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015”, for ALL PCBU’s (Person Conducting Business or Undertaking) …. to take action

Our goal is to grow ShopSafe®   to become the known brand by choice, in Business Health and Safety Compliance Systems for small and medium sized businesses across both the North and South Islands.

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